A Little Bit About Us...


Why We Do What We Do...

We have been raising, training and breeding Labrador Retrievers since 2003 and a have a true love and dedication to the breed and its core standards. We take great pride in our hands on approach as well as the care and attention to detail with which we breed and raise Labradors as this truly is our life's passion. Please contact us for more information on our kennel and our current puppies. We would love to meet you and find a perfect match in a loving Labrador!


Every Dog is Different

Having been involved in the Labrador community for many years we have come to love and appreciate the breed for its heritage and adaptability. Our aim has always been and will always be the betterment of the breed by selectively breeding dogs that exemplify the standard physical characteristics and temperamental traits that are associated with Labs. Knowing someones lifestyle, interests and personality,  can help us best match a pup and its natural characteristics to its new owner!


Pride In Our Paws

 We give our dogs the best care and love possible. Their happiness and well being is our top priority and we give each and every pup the best start they can get on their journey to becoming life long companions. All of our dogs receive well rounded socialization and exposure to an array of different settings and situations which helps prepare them for the individual household they will eventually be welcomed into.